My name is Ruth Campion. I have always loved chocolate, good quality dark chocolate.

Good quality brownies are our birthday cake of choice, my girls won’t eat cake, so I make Brownies. Proper American style Brownies, and now they are Award Winning Brownies.

I started my "grown up" life as a graphic designer, and then children came along so I baked, for them and for anyone who would eat my creations!  I have always had a love for good quality Chocolate and went to Slatteries to be trained as a Chocolatier.  This training gave me the confidence to start chocolate making and selling, and the knowledge of good quality chocolate made my brownies even better..... so Coco Bean Brownies were born!

I make all the brownies I sell myself in my home kitchen which for your peace of mind has been inspected by the local environmental health department.  

My girls say I am the mad pink haired brownie woman, I say that there is always room for a Coco Bean Brownie!