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Feedback and messages from customers:

“Hello Ruth this is ZAC! And I think your brownies would win awards!!!!! They are SPLENDIFFEROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
via Facebook, from a pleased young customer

"We received the brownies, as requested, late last week and started them over the weekend.  They are by far the best of their kind I have ever tasted : light, not too sweet, wonderful texture/flavour and great value for money.  The rest of the family thought they were excellent, too.  I can see us becoming regular (if not frequent) customers." from an on-line customer who is becoming a regular orderer!

“Dear Ruth, Just had to drop you a line, bought some of your delectable brownies at the food fest, Botanical Gardens on Sunday. Oh my word, loved them so much so congrats to you indeed little lady! Loved your bags too, v original and 'green'! Many thanks"  From a customer by email.

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