weddings & parties

Coco Bean can provide you with almost anything for your wedding, as long as it is in Chocolate!

Please contact Coco Bean to discuss your individual needs.

These are a few of the past wedding favours we have produced;


These are packed in small plastic bags either tied with a ribbon provided by the bride or left untied for the bride to coordinate with the wedding. These can be in Dark (53.8% cocoa solids), Milk (38%) or White chocolate. You can have 1, 2 or 3 in the bag in any combination. We can also flavour them with mint for “after dinner” chocolates.  Price guide £1 for each lovespoon, extra cost for ribbon.




You are invited to choose from our range of flavours, they can be presented in boxes of 2 or 4 or on a stand (as shown).  Price guide loose truffles are priced at 75 pence each.




These make fantastic favours for any children at your wedding. Please see the Lolly section for more information.


Coco Bean brownies can be individually wrapped and dressed with coordinating ribbon to give to your guests as favours. They can also be ordered by the slab for you to use as a dessert or cake. Please see the Brownie section for details of flavours and prices.  Please also have a look at my Facebook page for photos of new Chocolate Brownie Cakes, iced and decorated.

Moulded Chocolatesbuddah heads

We have also made to order small chocolate Doves and Buddha Heads.  Priced individually depending on weight and cost of chocolate mould.